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A cat is an animal that is so regularly seen that its anatomy can be easily misunderstood. Use our half-écorché/half-skin feline figure to study its musculature and surface variations and apply that knowledge to your own imaginative designs. Ideal for both 2D and 3D artists across all mediums, our animal anatomy figures will help build your confidence when it comes to creating unique and authentic designs – the perfect tool for any creature artist.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is currently on pre-order and will be shipped as soon as we receive stock approximately around the 1st October. Please note orders for other items that include this product will be shipped complete at that time.

Product details
• Cast in neutral grey resin to make the detail easy to see
• Offers side-by-side comparison of full skin and muscle flow
• Height: 4.2-inches/10.7cm
• Weight: Approx 214 grams
• Sculpted by Gaël Kerchenbaum


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