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The horse is known to be a particularly difficult mammal to replicate, its forms often misunderstood even by experienced artists. Regularly used as a basis for fantasy beings such as dragons, unicorns, and kelpies, a solid understanding of a horse’s anatomy goes a long way in creature design. The half-écorché/half-skin equine figure offers you the chance to study both the muscular structure and the surface variations of a horse in detail, acting as a perfect resource when photographs aren’t enough and you aren’t able to study the animal in real life. If you want to produce believable and authentic creature designs then anatomical reference such as this is a must.

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Product details
• Cast in neutral grey resin to make the detail easy to see
• Offers side-by-side comparison of full skin and muscle flow
• Height: 6.2-inches/15.7cm
• Weight: Approx 260 grams
• Sculpted by Gaël Kerchenbaumbuy-in-shop3

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