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Forming the basis of a ferocious beast or a cute quadruped, a firm understanding of a dog’s anatomy is invaluable to any creature designer. With the half-écorché/half-skin canine figure you can study the musculature in three dimensions and compare it against the surface variations of the skin, allowing you to add that all-essential element of believability to your designs. Develop a fundamental understanding of canine muscle definition beyond that offered by photo reference and made challenging by a fidgeting companion. The canine figure is ideal for beginner artists taking their first steps in creature design as well as advanced professionals looking for a reliable and cost-effective reference figure.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is currently on pre-order and will be shipped as soon as we receive stock approximately around the 1st October. Please note orders for other items that include this product will be shipped complete at that time.

Product details
• Cast in neutral grey resin to make the detail easy to see
• Offers side-by-side comparison of full skin and muscle flow
• Height: 5.8-inches/14.7cm
• Weight: Approx 230 grams
• Sculpted by Gaël Kerchenbaum


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