Adaptable male figure


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Whether you are looking to improve your mastery of hand poses (notoriously an area of difficulty for artists) or develop more accurate dynamic poses for your characters, the larger scale of the adaptable male figure will allow you to see muscle structure and flow of the skin surface in more detail.

Not only is this outstanding versatile resource taller than our existing references, standing at 34 cm in height (without a base), but many of the parts are changeable. These include:

• two different torsos, making it possible for you to examine muscles such as the trapezius and deltoid sets when an arm is raised

• six arms in varying poses, allowing you to consider how skin wrinkles and folds at the elbow joint and learn from seeing clenched and unclenched hands

• three changeable heads, giving you the option to study from planar head, planar skull, and half-écorché and half-skin references.

Product details
Cast in neutral grey resinbuy-in-shop3
13.4-inches/34cm tall
Weight approx 1.9kg

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