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Any professional creature artist will tell you the importance of incorporating anatomical accuracy and therefore believability into your designs. Our half-écorché/half-skin animal anatomy figures offer detailed insight into the muscular structure and surface variation of animals commonly used as a basis for creature designs, capturing three distinct mammalian body types that are familiar to everyone but often misunderstood. They are a resource you can study in three dimensions, in person, which is incredibly valuable when photographs just aren’t cutting it and you aren’t able to study these animals in real life.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is currently on pre-order and will be shipped as soon as we receive stock approximately around the 1st October. Please note orders for other items that include this product will be shipped complete at that time.

Product details

• Set includes 1 × Canine figure, 1 × Equine figure, 1 × Feline figure
• Cast in neutral grey resin to make the detail easy to see
• Offers side-by-side comparison of full skin and muscle flow
• Height: 4.2-inches – 6.2-inches/10.7cm – 15.7cm
• Weight: Approx. 260 grams
• Sculpted by Gaël Kerchenbaum

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